How To Get Rid Of Your AC Unit’s Mildew Smell?

How To Get Rid Of Your AC Unit’s Mildew Smell?

An air conditioner is an expensive appliance, but it has become a part of our lives. Air conditioners create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, but it’s not appropriate if it stinks. Such a situation happens when you have left your house unattended for a long time. Do you wonder where this mushy smell is coming from?

Does your air conditioning unit have a mildew smell? That smell tells you that there is moisture in your duct system. The best advice is to search for an AC service near me as soon as possible. This smell can cause a lot of damage to your Air conditioner unit and your health as well.

If you ignore the mildew smell and don’t take the necessary steps, you may not feel the smell after a certain period, but other visitors sure will. Always make not neglect this musty smell and contact an HVAC contractor who will help you get clear of the mushy smell.

You want your home and space to have pleasant cool air, not to stink, for that you have to maintain your Air conditioner. This mildew smell is not only unpleasant but also unhealthy and unhygienic. It seeks itself in everything from flooring, curtains, clothes. If you have some respiratory problems or allergies, it may trigger your health.

Anyone would do the first thing to use air fresheners, aerosol spray, but this is a temporary solution. It will only mask the mushy smell for some time. Once the aroma wears off, it will start to stink again with its mildew smell. Also, these air fresheners may create some problems regarding your health. Air freshener integrating with mildew smell might create some chemical issue causing your health more damage.

Make sure once you detect the odor and look for an AC service near me. A licensed HVAC contractor knows what he is doing, and you will be free from this mildew smell.

An HVAC contractor is a professional and expert in repairing heating and cooling appliances. He will search for standing up water in the unit pan or mold on the condensate drain. He will clean your air conditioner evaporator coil. If you have trees and a yard where the unit is set outdoors, he will clean that coil too. Your whole home will get new straightaway.

Cleaning the evaporator coil is not something a regular person can do. It involves the risk of electric shock. Leave this job to a trained HVAC contractor with a license in air conditioner repair. The evaporator coil outside can be fixed with extra care. These coils are delicate. Hire the right HVAC contractor who will take care of your air conditioner unit. If they are damaged, you have to search for an AC replacement in Severna Park, MD.

Technicians who you hire have skills and knowledge about heating and cooling appliances. They know how every part works and how it can be tackled with minimum cost. We can help you save your money. Call us at (443) 250-9917