Air Conditioner Replacement Service in Pasadena, MD

Air Conditioner Replacement Service in Pasadena, Annapolis, MD, and Surrounding Areas

When you need your AC replaced in a hurry, call JS Corcoran Heating & Air Conditioning for fast, reliable air conditioner replacement in Pasadena, Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas. Since 2006 we have been providing our customers with a high level of service that has earned us a gold-star reputation.

Air Conditioner Replacement Service in Pasadena, Severna Park, Annapolis, MD, and Surrounding Areas - JS Corcoran Heating & Air Conditioning

Is It Time To Replace?

One issue that comes up a lot with our customers is that sometimes it’s not clear whether to replace their existing AC or to have it repaired. It helps to know that the average air conditioning system lasts up to 15 years, but you may start having issues with it anytime past the seven to the ten-year mark. If you find that you have to repair the AC more often, or if you ever have a repair that will cost more than 50% of the price of the unit, then it might be time to replace it. You might also consider replacing if you find that operating your unit is costing you more in your energy bills. We’ll be happy to take a look at your individual case and help you decide which option is right for you.

Benefits of Replacing

Updating your old air conditioner definitely has its benefits. For one, newer systems have newer features that make it easier and more convenient to operate. Secondly, newer models are always more energy-efficient than their predecessors. The heating and cooling industry is continuously coming up with more energy-efficient technology in response to rising fuel prices. You can also get government rebates when you replace your old system with a newer, more energy-efficient one.

Our Commitment to You

We’re your best choice for all things AC related, whether you’re replacing your system, repairing, or doing routine maintenance. We’ve been serving the Pasadena area for over 12 years, and have become largely referral-based business. We treat our customers right because we know that we wouldn’t be here without you. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction with our services so that you’ll continue to be a customer for years to come.

Contact Us Today

If you’re in need of friendly, professional AC replacement in Pasadena,  Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas, give us a call at (443) 250-9917. You can also send us a message and someone will get back to you soon. Also, follow us on social media for updates and special deals. We can’t wait to hear from you and take care of all your air conditioning needs.

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