Is the AC Compressor Repairable?

1. What is an AC Compressor?

An air conditioning compressor is a significant element of an air cooling cycle. It is a device that converts power into energy while removing present heat from the air and thereby circulating the newly produced energy around in the atmosphere. In simple words, it is nothing but a machine that changes the climate from hot to cold in a closed space, making summer seem like winter. 

However, there are various types of AC compressors available in today’s market, namely :

  • Reciprocating air conditioning compressor
  • Scroll air conditioning compressor
  • Screw the air conditioning compressor
  • Rotary air conditioning compressor
  • Centrifugal air conditioning compressor

2. How Does an AC Compressor Function?

The compressor plays a very effective role in the cycle. The process begins by pulling the heat out of the air present in the space, cooling it through an evaporator called coils and releasing the transformed cool air into the surrounding. There is a liquid known as a refrigerant that absorbs heat and converts it into a form of gas. The gas again becomes liquid transported out of the condenser. The compressor then ensures the movement of the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser. So, if there is no air conditioning compressor, expect no cooling effect, as simple as that. 

3. What Can Cause Damage to an AC Compressor?

There is more than one reason for a possible occurrence of an air conditioner failure, and they vary widely from each other. The most common causes are the ones listed below: 

1. Electrical error
2. Excess refrigerant
3. Suction line blockage
4. Insufficient cooling
5. Overheating
6. Refrigerant leaks
7. Age

Another major factor that causes this failure is trying to solve the problem by oneself or contacting an ineligible person to save bucks temporarily. This worsens the condition, so try to be mindful of the current decision keeping future outcomes in mind. 

4. Is it Possible to Get an AC Compressor Repaired?

A damaged air conditioner compressor is undoubtedly a technical issue that may be complex and expensive. However, it surely is repairable provided it is detected and corrected by a certified HVAC professional as early as possible. The easiest way to prevent such mishaps is to expose them to routine maintenance regularly. Commit to a continuous routine follow-up to ensure no future failure of the air conditioner compressor, saving unnecessary expenditure on buying a new one. 


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How to Remove Foul Smell From Your Air Conditioner

A well-functioning air conditioner should neither create a racket nor emit a smell. If you experience any air conditioner smells, it is clear that something is not right. A smell could signal minor damage or a more serious one that needs to be addressed immediately. 

Let’s look at some of the familiar smells you may get from your AC and how to get rid of them. 


Accumulation of dust on the filters can become mold due to moisture. Mold can also clog up your condensate drain line and cause your air conditioner to smell musty.

How to Clean

  1. Use a soft brush to dust the insides of the unit.
  2. Clean the vent and duct with a mild cleaning solution.
  3. Wipe out all the water from the unit.
  4. Let it dry for a couple of hours before use.

Dead Animals

When your AC is not in use for a long time, rodents or reptiles may get into it and eventually die inside it. Dead animals can be the cause of a stench in your AC.

How to Clean:

  1. Remove the outcast and wear latex gloves to remove the dead animal.
  2. Spray a foaming coil cleaner on the air conditioner’s coil.
  3. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to loosen any dirt.
  4. Rinse the coil until all the dirt is removed.
  5. Let the coil dry completely before replacing the outer case.

Cigarette Smoke

If you regularly smoke indoors with your AC on, your AC will eventually smell stale cigarettes when turned on.

How to Eliminate: 

  1. Change your AC filters every 60 days.
  2. Smoking outdoors is a better way to deal with this smell.


If there is a block or rupture in your sewer vent pipe, this could cause your AC to smell like raw sewage and could be hazardous to your health.

How to Eliminate:

  1. Call in a plumber to repair your drainage system.
  2. If the smell persists, contact an HVAC technician immediately.

Rotten Eggs

If your AC smells of rotten eggs or sulfur, there could be a gas leak gas making its way into your ventilation. This is a serious problem.

How to Handle:

  1. Turn off your gas supply immediately.
  2. Open all windows and doors to let out the gas.
  3. Contact your gas company immediately to rectify the problem. 

Oil or Burning Plastic

An oily smell indicates an oil leak or malfunctioning of your unit’s oil burner. A burnt smell could mean that some component of your AC is overheating.

How to Remove 

In both scenarios, it’s best to call an expert in HVAC services to check your AC unit thoroughly. Regular maintenance of your AC will take care of such problems. 


While attending to minor issues with your air conditioner by yourself may seem convenient, we would not recommend it unless you have prior experience.

You Can Rely on Us

Whether it’s a smell, water leak, or a sound coming from your AC, we are here to help you resolve it immediately. If you schedule a visit online, our technician will visit your home to evaluate and attend to your problem. We provide AC Repair in Pasadena, Severna Park, Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas. Call us at (443) 250-9917 or send us a message, and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

What AC Maintenance Programs Can Do For You?

JS Corcoran Heating & Air Conditioning in Maryland provides you with the best and most reliable air conditioning services. As we move forward, here are some reasons for what an AC maintenance program can do for you.

Energy Conservation

As the age of your AC increases, the performance decreases over the years. A poorly-functioning AC pulls in a lot of electrical energy and causes a high cost of electricity. AC maintenance takes place at a scheduled interval and hence enhances the regularity of the service. If you want to save money and avoid future repairs, it is the right time for you to sign in for an AC maintenance program.

Better Air Quality

Your air conditioner is responsible for more than just cooling the air. A healthy HVAC system ensures better air quality indoors and provides comfort on summer days. A maintenance program can regulate the AC services and ensure the AC is not dirty.

AC services like tune-ups involve cleaning the filters and the condenser coils to ensure no air is stuck inside. Dirty filters can spread pollutants and toxins in the air that cause illness and discomfort.

Fewer Repairs and Long Lifespan

As the age of your HVAC system increases, the wear and tear also becomes frequent. It results in repair work from time to time. But if your AC unit is maintained regularly, such wear and tears decrease. You will also be able to save a lot of money by doing this and prolonging the life of your air conditioner. If you are looking for an AC servicing nearby, call us for better guidance from the experts.

Increased Resale Value

When your HVAC unit becomes more than a decade old, you might want it replaced. But what if the resale value of your AC is extremely minimal? To guarantee this doesn’t happen, you must get regular maintenance for your AC. AC maintenance program includes regular servicing so that the performance of your AC is maintained and stable throughout the years.

Avoiding Risks

Since your HVAC unit has been in use for many years, it is possible for some malfunctioning parts. There can be leakages and broken parts in your AC that need to be addressed. When you get regular maintenance, a professional technician can help you learn more about the faulty parts.

Holes in the condenser can leak the refrigerant out of the AC and go to the electric pole. It can be dangerous as the refrigerant has strong chemicals that can harm your health. Thus book an appointment for a maintenance program.

Maintain Your Warranty Period

If your HVAC unit is still under the warranty period, signing up for a maintenance program will work best for you. It is better to get regular services for your AC before the warranty period finishes. All the services are free of cost during the warranty period, and hence you should make most of it!

If you think of replacing your AC unit and don’t know how to, contact us for our AC replacement services in Severna Park, MD.

5 Ways Most AC Companies Cut Corners On Installation

Summers are comfortable when you are with family and friends at home with your air conditioning unit on. Many people consider installing an AC if they don’t have one already. However, you want to ensure that your HVAC technician does not miss important things during installation.

An unprofessional installation can lead to various problems in the future, such as increased utility bills, reduced airflow, and frequent repairs. It is important to contact professionals regarding AC installation and AC service near me.

Five Shortcuts Most AC Companies Apply:

  1. The Ductwork for Each Room is Not Properly Sized

    When installing new ductwork, remind your AC installer to calculate the air volume needed for each room. Also, there are instances when the company doesn’t know how to calculate it. Instead, they will replace the old one with the new one of the same size.

    An experienced technician will precisely calculate and provide you with the proper size ductwork. Thus, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your AC unit.

  2. Safety Systems Not Installed

    Companies often fail to install a safety system that helps you protect from blockage of backed water. A little water dripping from the condensate system is normal, but a significant amount is a sign of concern.

  3. A System With The Too-Small Air Return

    Another big shortcut most companies take is not calculating how big your system’s Air Return needs are. A correctly sized air return maintains adequate airflow throughout your home. An expert in AC installation calculates exact measurements to meet your house’s needs.

  4. Not Replacing the ‘Line Set’

    A line set is referred to as the refrigerant pipes or freon pipes. These lines often run in places that are difficult to access, making them a challenge to replace. So, most companies do not replace them. They know that most homeowners won’t even notice they weren’t replaced.

  5. Failing to Install Plenum Sheet Metal Transitions for Ductwork

    The plenum is a box through which cooled air is pushed into the ductwork. If you are connecting a new plenum to existing ductwork, the transition from the plenum to the ductwork must be created with sheet metal, and this must be done by the professionals, to avoid any mishaps.

    The problem is that many companies have technicians who don’t know exactly what they are doing when working with sheet metal. If the fabricating is not done precisely, too much of your cooled air will escape before entering your home.

    AC installation is cumbersome work. At JS Corcoran Heating & Air, we understand that you trust us with your home and cooling unit, and it is a matter we do not take lightly. Our HVAC professionals are skilled, trained, competent, and experienced in dealing with HVAC brands.

    We aim to provide our customers 100% satisfaction and work 24 hours to fulfill your demands. Do not risk paying for a brand new ac unit only to get stuck with your old one. Contact us today for air conditioner contractors in Severna Park.

5 Most Common AC Problems And Their Solutions

Air conditioning problems are common, but few people have the specific knowledge to figure out why.

With regular servicing, any potential problems can be detected early, saving you the expense of a later repair.

These Are The Most Common Issues And Their Solutions :

1. Filter problems

A clogged filter can reduce airflow, reducing the unit’s ability to chill air effectively and efficiently.

Some filters need to be changed monthly, while others need to change three times per year.


Your air filter should be thoroughly cleaned by rinsing it in warm water after removing the dirt.

If the problem continues, invest in a new filter for your system.

2. Sensor issues

ACs have a thermostat sensor that measures the temperature coming from the evaporator coil.

A malfunctioning thermostat could result in a rapid increase in the temperature of your home, increasing your energy bill.

Unstable sensors, on the other hand, can cause the machine to cycle and behave abnormally.


Replacement is required if the problem persists. Instead of buying a new thermostat, it’s better to invest in a smart one.

It will make it easier to program your AC and help you save a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary expenditures.

3. Refrigerant leakage

Corrosion of the indoor coil, factory defects in the unit, and improper installation can all lead to refrigerant leaks.

AC with low refrigerants cannot produce much cool air. Besides, adding more refrigerant to a leaking AC also cannot fix the problem.


Early detection can help you save thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements of your system and keep your home cool.

If there are any leaks in the system, a technician should fix them. Your refrigerant coil should be replaced if there are several serious leaks.

4. Fuse or breaker problems

Alternating fuses in the fuse box is not only inconvenient, but it can also be a sign of a more significant problem with your cooling system.

A problem with the electrical system, the power source, or the circuit that supplies your AC is most likely to cause it to trip a breaker.


Breakers and fuses are designed to trip or blow when too much power is transmitted through a line, and it would be risky to try and fix it at home.

It’s essential to hire professionals like AC contractors Severna Park for electrical issues with your HVAC system.

5. Compressor malfunction

Electrical problems caused due to cracks and holes in the suction lines of your air conditioning system can permanently damage the compressor and other components of your AC

If your system has too much or too little oil lubricant, it will not function properly, making way for contaminants such as moisture and bird droppings to enter the air conditioning system.


To keep your AC compressor safe, you must have it regularly serviced by a licensed HVAC professional.

If you are looking for an AC service near me in Severna Park to save money on AC repair, we can help. You can call us at 443-250-9917.

7 Things You Need To Know About Managing Your Air Conditioning

Managing your air conditioning has a very different set of priorities than the responsibilities associated with home care, like cooking and furnace maintenance.

Your home air conditioner keeps the home cool by blowing cool air into your home and removing the heat out of that air. The air conditioner is solely dependent on the efficiency of system units.

If your air conditioner fails to cool the room and you experience humidity and constant temperature change, it’s time to hire a professional to check the issue.

Note These Seven Tips Before Things Get Even More Crowded:

  • Air Conditioner Filters:

One of the crucial components of an air conditioner is air filters. They maintain the indoor air quality by trapping dust and dirt particles from the air onto the filter.

The timely cleaning of air filters prevents clogging with particles that affect indoor air quality. Dirty filters obstruct airflow and decrease a system’s performance significantly.

While if you clean the air filter regularly, an AC will consume approximately 5-15% less energy to cool the room.

  • AC Coils:

There are two coils in an air conditioner: evaporator coil and condenser coil. The air filter prevents the evaporator filter from dust particles.

Even though you clean the air filter, the evaporator coil will still attract some dirt during the cooling process. Eventually, the evaporator coil’s efficiency is reduced and is not able to absorb heat.

To avoid this situation, make sure to clean the evaporator coils annually.

If the outdoor environment is dusty, you will notice dirt on the outdoor condenser coil very often. Maintain the area around the condenser coil by removing debris and trimming foliage for sufficient airflow.

  • Condensate drains:

It’s essential to clean the drain line to prevent the clogging of water into the pan. You can maintain the drain line by passing a stiff wire through the drain channels.

You can also pour a dash of vinegar to clean the drain line. If you are not aware of the cleaning of drain channels, hire a professional to help you resolve the clogged condensate drain.

Connect with our team today for any HVAC issues if you are still looking for ac service near me.

  • Coil Fins:

The evaporator and condenser coils get bent easily, which blocks airflow through the coil fins. A tool called “fin comb” helps fins retain their original state and maintains efficiency.

  • Window Seals:

During the start of winter, check the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame. It must be in contact with the unit’s metal case.

Excess moisture can damage this seal, allowing cool air to leave your house.

  • A final touch for winters:

During winters, homeowners usually forget about the air conditioners. It is essential to cover the air conditioner or, you can remove and store it.

It protects the unit from snowy weather and the accumulation of debris.

J. S. Corcoran Heating & Air Conditioning:

We understand it’s tough to maintain an air conditioner throughout the season, but we are here to help you out in these situations.

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Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

Air conditioners are machines created to give us pleasure. The best advice is that you take care of them. Keep your air conditioner maintained. If you avoid annual service, they will cost you a lot. For you, It’s essential to know about some common Air conditioning problems so that you will be aware and try to prevent them as soon as possible.

The first place you should look for is the filter. An ancient, muddy, ineffective filter will make your air conditioner useless. It’s vital to know that these filters have to be cleaned and changed whenever necessary.

During the summertime, check them daily, because of the constant usage of Air conditioners. If your AC unit is still collecting a lot of dirt, you might consider replacing it because of overtime use. Search for AC repair near me to get correct guidance.

If your filter is doing fine, look for the main AC unit itself. Clean the surroundings of your air conditioning unit. Remove all the leaves, sticks, dirt, or debris. Do keep in mind that debris can damage your system. Clean all of it to keep your air conditioner healthy.

Weird noise is also a sign of a problem. Strange and loud sounds simply mean you have to contact your air conditioner contractor in Severna Park right away to get rid of the sounds and repair your AC.

If your air conditioner is switching on and off frequently, it means you have to hire an HVAC contractor to make sure that your air conditioner runs correctly. Turning on and off means your air conditioner unit is insufficient and needs proper care. You have to keep your air conditioner maintained to avoid such problems.

If the unit is shutting off, check your fuse box for a blown a fuse. If it busted, you have to contact your HVAC contractor. If the climate is the reason for the blown fuse, it’s understandable, but if not, then you have to take care of this situation carefully and immediately.

Also, check your thermostat. It’s a remote that gives you the power to control your air conditioning unit. Reduce the temperature to check if the AC unit is working correctly. If not, then there is an issue with your motor or compressor.

Summer is the season when everybody is relying on an air conditioner. If you have any questions regarding your AC unit, size, or anything for that matter, You should contact your HVAC contractor and schedule a meeting. The right HVAC contractor will guide you and offer you all the options which will work best for you.

Do you have a record of when was the last time you got your air conditioner serviced? The air conditioner needs time to time service to run efficiently without doing any damage. An optimal solution is to have your air conditioner checkup by hiring the right HVAC contractor. It will cut your unnecessary repairs and a lot of money.

Schedule a meeting with J.S. Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioning, who will ensure personalized customer service by immaculate well-mannered technicians.

How To Get Rid Of Your AC Unit’s Mildew Smell?

An air conditioner is an expensive appliance, but it has become a part of our lives. Air conditioners create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, but it’s not appropriate if it stinks. Such a situation happens when you have left your house unattended for a long time. Do you wonder where this mushy smell is coming from?

Does your air conditioning unit have a mildew smell? That smell tells you that there is moisture in your duct system. The best advice is to search for an AC service near me as soon as possible. This smell can cause a lot of damage to your Air conditioner unit and your health as well.

If you ignore the mildew smell and don’t take the necessary steps, you may not feel the smell after a certain period, but other visitors sure will. Always make not neglect this musty smell and contact an HVAC contractor who will help you get clear of the mushy smell.

You want your home and space to have pleasant cool air, not to stink, for that you have to maintain your Air conditioner. This mildew smell is not only unpleasant but also unhealthy and unhygienic. It seeks itself in everything from flooring, curtains, clothes. If you have some respiratory problems or allergies, it may trigger your health.

Anyone would do the first thing to use air fresheners, aerosol spray, but this is a temporary solution. It will only mask the mushy smell for some time. Once the aroma wears off, it will start to stink again with its mildew smell. Also, these air fresheners may create some problems regarding your health. Air freshener integrating with mildew smell might create some chemical issue causing your health more damage.

Make sure once you detect the odor and look for an AC service near me. A licensed HVAC contractor knows what he is doing, and you will be free from this mildew smell.

An HVAC contractor is a professional and expert in repairing heating and cooling appliances. He will search for standing up water in the unit pan or mold on the condensate drain. He will clean your air conditioner evaporator coil. If you have trees and a yard where the unit is set outdoors, he will clean that coil too. Your whole home will get new straightaway.

Cleaning the evaporator coil is not something a regular person can do. It involves the risk of electric shock. Leave this job to a trained HVAC contractor with a license in air conditioner repair. The evaporator coil outside can be fixed with extra care. These coils are delicate. Hire the right HVAC contractor who will take care of your air conditioner unit. If they are damaged, you have to search for an AC replacement in Severna Park, MD.

Technicians who you hire have skills and knowledge about heating and cooling appliances. They know how every part works and how it can be tackled with minimum cost. We can help you save your money. Call us at (443) 250-9917.

Understanding How AC Servicing Works

An air conditioner is an essential appliance in any home. Whether you have a split or a window air conditioner, they help filter the air in your living space. Air conditioning repair service ensures that your air conditioner is trouble-free and functioning accurately. It can assist with issues like water leakage from the AC unit, AC noise, and much more.

Regular maintenance and service of air conditioner components such as coils, filters, fins, drains, and much more help the AC unit operate efficiently. Failure to service and clean the air conditioner results in decreased cooling capacity and damage to the unit.

If you want a professional from a reliable HVAC company to check on your air conditioner system, Google “AC servicing near me.”

What Does AC Maintenance Include?

Your air conditioning system must go through maintenance at least once a year. This process is a must for the optimal functioning of the air conditioner. You can practice some simple steps to maintain your air conditioner and avoid costly replacements and repairs.

Hiring professionals to perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner will let you enjoy long-term service without the need for replacements. The maintenance service of an air conditioner includes:

  • Cleaning The Air Filters And Fins

When the air conditioning system works normally, an air filter collects a massive amount of dust. Dirty air filters in AC cause problems such as ice formation, AC not cooling, and much more.

If you call a professional to check on the system, they wash and clean the air filter during AC service. The condenser fins are also washed and cleaned to remove any molds and dust accumulated during AC service.

  • Inspection Of The Thermostat

The miscalibration of the thermostat can lead to the malfunctioning of the air conditioning system. Its location should be present away from the various heat sources like light bulbs and other heat-generating appliances.

If you want the assistance of a qualified technician from a good HVAC company in calibrating the thermostat, you may need to start searching “AC servicing near me” online.

  • Cleaning The Condenser And Evaporator Coil

Dust and dirt cause your air conditioner to overheat. The condenser and evaporator coils accumulate molds and bacteria over time. While the condenser coil does not impair indoor air quality, cleaning it with the evaporator coil enhances energy efficiency. An annual coil clean-up can prevent breakdowns and further severe system deterioration or wasting significant amounts of energy.

  • Covering The Compressors During Winters

During the winter season, when the air conditioner is not in use, cover the compressor present outside with a proper compressor cover or a cloth to prevent dust from entering the unit.

It is always a good idea to have your air conditioner system thoroughly checked at least once a year before the arrival of summer.

Understanding what an AC service entails allows you to get the best air conditioner contractors in Severna Park. At J.S. Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioning, we aim to provide professional and reliable services for your air conditioner. To get the best air conditioner contractors in Severna Park, call us at (443) 250-9917.

4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your AC Unit

One of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to make as a homeowner regarding your air conditioner is deciding when to replace your old system with a new unit. Although purchasing a new air conditioner is an expensive investment, so are the costs of maintaining and operating an outdated, inadequate unit.

Air conditioners, like old cars, show signs of wear and tear before they fail. By observing the condition of your older air conditioner, you can begin planning for the purchase of a new unit even before you need it. Only qualified HVAC technicians can tell whether a broken air conditioner requires new thermostat batteries or a more substantial repair.

If you require a new air conditioning system or maintenance service for the existing one from a reliable HVAC company, you can look for a technician by Googling “AC service near me.”

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Replacement

Modern air conditioners can last up to 15 years, so you must select the appropriate unit for your home’s cooling needs. However, if your older air conditioner breaks down on a 100-degree day, you may not have much choice. Here are some signs that will help you know your AC system needs a replacement:

  • Air Conditioner Unit Older Than 10-Years

A well-maintained air conditioner should last between 10 and 12 years. However, if you require costly repairs and your air conditioner is more than 10-years old, replacing it may be a more cost-effective option. It is especially true when you consider the progressions in air conditioner system efficiency over the last decade.

  • Frequent Breakdowns

Several prevalent air conditioner problems arise due to a lack of maintenance, and having your unit serviced will help deter them. However, recurrent breakdowns necessitate regular repairs, and the cost of those repairs can quickly mount.

At some point, it may be more cost-effective to buy a new unit rather than invest in costly repairs, especially if your warranty has expired. If you want professional assistance for the issues regarding your AC system, look for an AC replacement in Severna Park, MD.

  • Surged Electricity Bills

Increased energy bills may imply that your air conditioner is not functioning correctly or is losing efficiency. Electricity bills commonly begin to rise as an air conditioner ages, so the two aspects may be related.

Receiving a large energy bill once or twice is not cause for concern. However, if your energy bills keep rising, you may need to start looking for a new air conditioner.

  • Utilization Of R-22 Freon In The System

R-22 Freon or HCFC-22 is an expensive refrigerant that you can use for your AC system, especially if it is more than 10-years old. However, eventually, you may have to switch to using R410A refrigerant as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is phasing it out of use due to the adverse environmental effects of R-22.

Does your AC unit need replacement? J.S. Corcoran Heating and Air Conditioning ensure to provide state-of-art services for your air conditioner through our team of skilled technicians. If you need AC replacement in Severna Park, MD, you can reach us by giving us a call at (443) 250-9917.