7 Things You Need To Know About Managing Your Air Conditioning

7 Things You Need To Know About Managing Your Air Conditioning

Managing your air conditioning has a very different set of priorities than the responsibilities associated with home care, like cooking and furnace maintenance.

Your home air conditioner keeps the home cool by blowing cool air into your home and removing the heat from that air. The air conditioner is solely dependent on the efficiency of system units.

If your air conditioner fails to cool the room and you experience humidity and constant temperature change, it’s time to hire a professional to check the issue.

Note These Seven Tips Before Things Get Even More Crowded:


  • Air Conditioner Filters: One of the crucial components of an air conditioner is air filters. They maintain indoor air quality by trapping dust and dirt particles from the air onto the filter.
    The timely cleaning of air filters prevents clogging with particles that affect indoor air quality. Dirty filters obstruct airflow and decrease a system’s performance significantly.
    While if you clean the air filter regularly, an AC will consume approximately 5-15% less energy to cool the room.
  • AC Coils: There are two coils in an air conditioner: an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. The air filter prevents the evaporator filter from dust particles.
    Even though you clean the air filter, the evaporator coil will still attract some dirt during the cooling process. Eventually, the evaporator coil’s efficiency is reduced, and is not able to absorb heat.
    To avoid this situation, make sure to clean the evaporator coils annually.
    If the outdoor environment is dusty, you will notice dirt on the outdoor condenser coil very often. Maintain the area around the condenser coil by removing debris and trimming foliage for sufficient airflow.
  • Condensate Drains: It’s essential to clean the drain line to prevent the clogging of water into the pan. You can maintain the drain line by passing a stiff wire through the drain channels.
    You can also pour a dash of vinegar to clean the drain line. If you are not aware of the cleaning of drain channels, hire a professional to help you resolve the clogged condensate drain.
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  • Coil Fins: The evaporator and condenser coils get bent easily, which blocks airflow through the coil fins. A tool called “fin comb” helps fins retain their original state and maintains efficiency.
  • Window Seals: During the start of winter, check the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame. It must be in contact with the unit’s metal case.
    Excess moisture can damage this seal, allowing cool air to leave your house.
  • A Final Touch for Winter: During winter, homeowners usually forget about the air conditioners. It is essential to cover the air conditioner or, you can remove and store it.
    It protects the unit from snowy weather and the accumulation of debris.

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