5 Ways Most AC Companies Cut Corners On Installation

5 Ways Most AC Companies Cut Corners On Installation

Summers are comfortable when you are with family and friends at home with your air conditioning unit on. Many people consider installing an AC if they don’t have one already. However, you want to ensure that your HVAC technician does not miss important things during installation.

An unprofessional installation can lead to various problems in the future, such as increased utility bills, reduced airflow, and frequent repairs. It is important to contact professionals regarding AC installation and AC service near me.

Five Shortcuts Most AC Companies Apply:

  1. The Ductwork for Each Room is Not Properly Sized: When installing new ductwork, remind your AC installer to calculate the air volume needed for each room. Also, there are instances when the company doesn’t know how to calculate it. Instead, they will replace the old one with the new one of the same size.
    An experienced technician will precisely calculate and provide you with the proper size ductwork. Thus, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your AC unit.
  2. Safety Systems Not Installed: Companies often fail to install a safety system that helps you protect from blockage of backed water. A little water dripping from the condensate system is normal, but a significant amount is a sign of concern.
  3. A System With The Too-Small Air Return: Another big shortcut most companies take is not calculating how big your system’s Air Return needs are. A correctly sized air return maintains adequate airflow throughout your home. An expert in AC installation calculates exact measurements to meet your house’s needs.
  4. Not Replacing the ‘Line Set’: A line set is referred to as the refrigerant pipes or freon pipes. These lines often run in places that are difficult to access, making them a challenge to replace. So, most companies do not replace them. They know that most homeowners won’t even notice they weren’t replaced.
  5. Failing to Install Plenum Sheet Metal Transitions for Ductwork: The plenum is a box through which cooled air is pushed into the ductwork. If you are connecting a new plenum to existing ductwork, the transition from the plenum to the ductwork must be created with sheet metal, and this must be done by the professionals, to avoid any mishaps.
    The problem is that many companies have technicians who don’t know exactly what they are doing when working with sheet metal. If the fabricating is not done precisely, too much of your cooled air will escape before entering your home.

AC installation is cumbersome work. At JS Corcoran Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that you trust us with your home and cooling unit, and it is a matter we do not take lightly. Our HVAC professionals are skilled, trained, competent, and experienced in dealing with HVAC brands.

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