A good HVAC maintenance plan can keep your equipment functioning smoothly, require fewer furnace repairs in Severna Park, increase its reliability, and extend its life. When you don’t have a maintenance plan, the following things can happen:

Blocked Condenser

One of the most important components of your HVAC system is the condenser. It’s in charge of de superheating, condensing, and sub cooling to ensure that the air in your home is at the proper temperature. When a condenser is clogged, the heat transfer that normally occurs is prevented, and the temperature of the condenser rises. Your HVAC system will run inefficiently when this happens, and your condenser may burn out if not addressed.


Several frequent circumstances like the drain hole being clogged or blocked, the condenser pump malfunctioning, the seals on your unit aren’t tight, or your hose being clogged or blocked might cause leaks in an HVAC unit.

Power Malfunctions

A proper furnace maintenance plan will help you ensure that your HVAC equipment can power up and power down properly. If it can’t, you’ll be frustrated when your home is excessively hot or cold, and you can’t set the thermostat because your unit isn’t running properly.

Dirty Blower

Your HVAC system’s blower is in charge of circulating warm or cool air throughout your home. A blower will fail if it gets dirty enough, and once it fails, it’s an indication that additional issues are on the way. Many HVAC professionals will urge you to replace your complete HVAC system if this happens.

Improperly Functioning Thermostat

Your HVAC unit may not turn on or off when it’s meant to if your thermostat isn’t working properly. This is not only bad for the unit, but it is also detrimental to you and your family’s comfort.

Dirty Coils

The evaporator coil on your interior HVAC unit functions similarly to a radiator to ensure that the air moving through your duct is suitably heated or cooled. A filthy evaporator coil can limit airflow, lowering the efficiency of your unit significantly. Mold and mildew can grow in the dirt, causing poor indoor air quality.

The condenser coil on your exterior HVAC unit is responsible for removing the hot air supplied to it during the summer. The more clean the coil is, the better it can manage the hot air. If your condenser coil is unclean, your unit’s efficiency may suffer, resulting in higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan.

Dirty Filter

A properly cleaned air filter will provide you with high-quality indoor air that will not only prevent illness but will also minimize its duration. When your air filter is dirty, airborne particles aren’t screened; instead, they enter your home through your ductwork and are inhaled by you and your family.

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