Interpreting Solid Red Light On Furnace

Interpreting Solid Red Light On Furnace

If your oil furnace is not turning on, you could notice a solid red light on the burner unit. Hence, this red light, also known as a lockout light, glows, it means that a safety system on your furnace has forced a close down due to finding a problem or recognizing a malfunction.

Reasons For Solid Red Light Appearing

The lack of a flame when the burner is on is the most typical cause of a furnace shutdown, but there are numerous additional possibilities, or it could merely be a fluke. If your furnace has a visual display that shows a fault code, you may quickly examine the fault code to determine the cause of the issue. Look into the furnace manual to understand the meaning of the fault code.

If you do not have a digital display, there are a few things you should look into before pressing the reset button or calling for repair –

  • If There is Oil in The Tank: If no oil reaches the furnace, it will not fire, resulting in furnace suspension. Check the oil gauge to ensure you have enough oil, and if you don’t, call for delivery. Consider signing up for automatic delivery to avoid this from occurring anymore. You won’t be worrying about forgetting to fill your tank this way.

  • Check if The Oil Valve is Open: A shut oil valve stops oil from reaching the burner and thus hinders it from firing. The furnace will close down if no flame is detected. Open the valve if it’s closed.

  • Press The Reset Button: Usually, the reset button and the red light are the same buttons, although this is not always the case. If they aren’t, the reset button is generally nearby. Press and release the reset button to check if the furnace will ignite.
    If it does, and it only happened once, it was most likely a fluke. However, if your oil furnace continues to shut off, DO NOT REPEATEDLY PRESS THE RESET BUTTON. Contact a professional HVAC contractor immediately because this is a symptom of a more grave condition.

  • Regular Furnace Maintenance: The automated shutdown of your furnace is a security measure devised to protect you and your furnace from further harm caused by the problem that made it close down in the first place. Many of the reasons for a breakdown, such as a clogged filter or a malfunctioning fuel pump, can be prevented if your oil furnace is tuned up once a year. Your HVAC tune-up contractor will ensure that all parts are clean and working correctly, providing you with a sense of safety during the heating season.

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