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JS Corcoran Heating & Air Conditioning has been a trusted source of heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair in Pasadena, MD for many years. We work hard to earn that trust. One new installation and one service call at a time we built on that trust. Over the years we have grown. We have the experience and the skills to take care of all your HVAC needs and we want to earn your business.

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Our customers throughout Pasadena, MD and the surrounding areas know we are 100% committed to their satisfaction. We want the opportunity to prove it to you!

Of course we are always prepared to install your new system with a high quality and efficient package. But we also know that the heating and air conditioning system in your home is one of your biggest investments.

We are trained to find problems and fix them before they become major issues. We understand the need for fast, reliable and dependable service and the technicians in the Pasadena MD area are the best of the best. Your comfort is our business.

AC & Heating Maintenance

Perhaps the most important service we offer and the one most people give the least thought to is maintenance. Your heating and air conditioning system needs to be inspected and serviced at least twice per year. We recommend a service check and tune-up every spring and every fall for optimal performance. The very nature of a central air system requires regular cleaning. Think about it this way. As the air in your home is being pulled through the equipment to produce cool air, it is removing the dust, dirt and particles from the air that you do not even see. This is obvious when you check your filter. They get clogged with dust and dirt and can stop the air from flowing properly which makes your system work harder. The filter is designed to catch most of it. But some will make its way into the actual coil. In order for the coil to disperse cool air, it needs to be clean. Further, over time components wear out. Sometimes there is a small refrigerant leak. Your system seems to be working, but maybe not as well as it once did. That small little leak will get worse. Over time refrigerant levels will get too low. This could lead to having to replace the entire coil. Regular maintenance when the issue was young would have saved you much more than the price of a service call.

Heating systems need to be thoroughly checked annually. You can choose not to have it serviced and when something major goes out, you have no other option but to replace it. The fact is you must have a source of heat. But what matters more to us (and to you) is not the cost of the service check or even the cost of replacement. We are most concerned with the safety of your family. Heating systems are made with built in safety measures. But they run from some source of power. Whether they run from natural gas, propane or electricity there is a potential for danger.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your system, your needs and your family. We look forward to being your HVAC Company