Gas Furnaces, Installation, Service & Maintenance In Pasadena, Severna Park, Annapolis, MD and Surrounding Areas

Gas Furnaces, Installation, Service & Maintenance In Pasadena, MDMost people do not consider the gas furnace in their home until it is time to turn it on for the winter. But the fact is, your furnace works year round. In the winter months it produces heat and disperses that heat through the duct work. But in the warm Pasadena MD summer months, your furnace serves an instrumental function is circulating cool air throughout your house. Of all the parts of your HVAC system, the furnace is probably the most critical.

The gas furnaces today are not the gas furnaces of yester-year. They are designed better. They burn cleaner and better. They are more efficient and they have safety features built in. But your furnace is only as good as your HVAC contractor. In Pasadena MD, you will not find a team of qualified, hand-picked experts superior to ours. From new installation, to repair and service, we address every detail to insure your comfort and security.

We recommend you allow us to service, clean and maintenance your gas furnace every fall before the harsh Pasadena, MD winter hits. Neglecting your system could mean break downs. Diagnosing and correcting the problem before you need the system to provide heat, just makes good sense. Bi-Annual service checks and maintenance should be done routinely.

Your Nose Knows.

Due to the nature of gas heat, there are times that you may notice some strange odors. Here are some common things that those odors could mean:

Musty/Mold Odor

  • Your system probably has moisture leaking in that could cause Mold. Though not urgent, it does need to be addressed.

Electrical Burning Smell

  • A part or wire is probably worn. Important! This could be minor or it could be major. Call us today.

A Faint Gas Smell

  • A light gas smell when you initiate the use of a furnace for the season is not unusual. Unless it continues, do not be concerned

If you smell something with a “rotten eggs” scent, there could be a gas leak. Call 911 and leave the house. This could be life or death! Call us for inspection asap.

In Pasadena MD, we are the company to call for your heating and air conditioning needs. We treat your home with the same respect, care and attention that we give our own. homes. Call today and speak to our trained professionals so we can insure your safety and comfort for years to come.

A very faint oil or natural gas odor is common if you are standing near an operating furnace. However, if you detect the scent of rotten eggs, you could have a gas leak on your hands and, as a precaution; you should evacuate your home call 911 immediately from your cell phone or a nearby safe location.

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